I don’t have a postage account, can I still get postage discounts?
You don’t need your own account as we will endeavour to provide the best discounts.

Can you personalise my mailing?
We certainly can personalise your letters and brochures from one to multiple personalization.

Do you print colour?
Our modern colour printers offer high quality colour print solutions for a variety of applications.

Can I use my own brochures and you just do the mailing for me?
Yes, if you supply your own brochures or flyers we can offer a tailored service to meet your individual needs.

Do you print postcards?
We can print to maximum 300gsm – single/double sided colour print to Australia Post specs.

I don’t have large volume mailings – can you still do it for me?
We pride ourselves on being able to offer the smaller mailer competitive prices – we like to think we have a niche market for the clients who value consistent quality, timely handling and reliable service.

I would like to mail to other countries can you do that?
We mail to over 180 countries at competitive rates, your responses can also come back through our International Reply Paid service. We mail in English, Japanese, French and German languages.

Can you turn my mailing around quickly?
Depending on the complexity of the mailing, number of printed pieces, envelope etc., we will provide a quote with a realistic timeframe.

I need fulfillment facilities – can you process orders for me?
Our warehouse is in the same location as our mail and order processing facilities and we will happily discuss your needs.

Can I use your address for my returned mail?
We offer domestic and international reply paid services, we can even forward mail to you.

I am going away – can you send mail to me?
We can accept delivery of your mail and forward to you (Australia or overseas) and if required we can process your mail, including data capture, banking, mailing and reports.

Do you do bulk printing?
Our digital colour print can be very cost effective for small to mid range print quantities and for larger print volumes we our Printing press that can do million copies a day.