Advertising Printing Australia (APA) “THE TEAM” is a company founded on principals of Trust Transparency Integrity and Hard Work. Established

in 2003 as Print 4 Less advertising, the company has grown to formidable force in quality printing & letterbox distribution services. APA is NSW’s 4th largest direct advertising, direct mail distributor, delivering over 50 million pieces of advertisement every year. The print manufacturing plant doing 70 million impressions per annum is quite phenomenal.

APA & Print4Less is not just a printing company. We are specialist in design, print, direct advertising & marketing services all printing solutions in one place and at great prices!

It’s Not What We Do- It’s How We Do IT

At Print4Less, our goal is simple, we strive to become your sole supplier for all your marketing projects no matter the format when it comes to advertising your business to the public. With our expertise and vast range of services, Print4Less can reduce your overall cost to produce effective campaigns and achieve outstanding results. Let Print4Less deliver your SOLUTIONS.

Through our commitment to high quality, cheap prices, convenient ordering processes and fast delivery times, you can count on Print4Less for a quality outcome every time.

Whether it be a brochure, flyers, magazines, signage, corflute, posters or merchandise please let Print4Less attend to your printing and advertising needs. As our valued customer, you can rest assure that your one and only supplier will deliver every aspect of your businesses marketing collateral with one easy phone call. 

We ship nationwide: from Sydney to the smallest towns, we’ve got Australia covered. For all your printing needs our service is as fast as it is lowest prices in Australia, no matter where you are.


Why choose us over other cheap printers in Australia?

Print4Less is dedicated to being one of the leading printing companies for Australia, and we achieve this objective through the following ways:

  1. Cheap – Fast and quality services no longer needs to cost the earth. As an online service we save on overhead costs, which we pass onto our valuable customers with our cheap colour printing costs.
  2. Convenience – As specialised offset printers, we offer you an economical and fast service without you even having to leave your office – saving you even more time and money.
  3. Quality & Reliability – While we might offer the cheapest services in Australia, we never compromise on quality and the reliability of our service is equal to, or better than, any other business in Australia.
  4. Service – As one of the leading online companies we know how to provide the level of service you deserve – coupled with the cheapest services you’ll find in Australia, buying online is a wise investment.
  5. Green – we are committed to environmentally friendly services leaving only the lightest possible environmental footprint.