Why APA Flyer Distribution

The Flyer distribution industry is not regulated, but APA aims to bring back accountability! At APA our deliveries are tracked using GPS units, checked by supervisors giving out customer’s peace of mind that their material was actually delivered into letterboxes, and not thrown in the trash. That is the last thing you want!

“SUCCESS is doing ordinary things EXTRA Ordinarily WELL”

Don’t let unreliable delivery compromise your leaflet campaign.

Please be aware there are two major problems with regards to flyers distribution!!

  1. Dumping (Research has shown that up to 50% of all printed flyers never reach the customer’s letterboxes !)
  2. Bundling (Your flyer may end up wrapped in half a dozen other brochures and the customer never sees it !)

Independent research has shown that bulk deliveries and bundling can reduce the response rate to a piece of direct mail by up to 40%.


7 Reasons to choose APA


Unbundled Distribution:

Your flyers will not be bundled with Supermarket 10 – 20 pages catalogues.
Means: Your flyer is not part of Junk Mail

Industry Exclusivity:

Your flyer will not be delivered with any competitive material.
MEANS: More visibility for your flyers


We will make sure to complete the distribution before your promo day.
MEANS: You can plan well ahead

Client Cross Check:

We invite you to cross check whilst distribution is in progress.
MEANS Believe your eyes


All walkers are trained in our office, & tracked by GPS device.
MEANS No Cheating, Better Quality

Field Supervisors:

Supervisors check streets whilst walkers are delivering & all supervisors are also tracked by GPS devices
MEANS No Cheating, Better Quality

Proof of Deliveries:

Full GPS audit track report is sent to you that shows what streets done or missed.
Peace of Mind, Your money well spent Better ROI