Essential Guide to Promoting your Healthcare Facility

While most other industries and service providers have been able to find their way around the world of marketing to make their business standard, healthcare is one such space that still has a long way to go. Medical practitioners and healthcare service providers are yet to tap into the true power of marketing to reach out to their patients to highlight expertise, skills and that you care.

Promoting your Healthcare Services

  • Who is your Ideal Patient?

When designing a marketing plan, you want to make sure that your message appeals to those you wish to attract as potential patients. Start by assessing your existing patients and what it is that they appreciate about your practice. If you aren’t sure, feel free to create a simple survey that gives you deeper insights into what they think of you. Also take into account the demographics of your patients and target your messages to appeal to the different groups.

  • Creating a Marketing Plan

No marketing strategy should be executed without a plan. Think of ways in which you can improve your patient experience, ideate on how your existing client base can be made more loyal. Then move on to the specifics such as budgeting for your letterbox and flyer campaigns and how you plan on pursuing local advertising and digital search marketing.

  • What are your Goals?

Have you recently started your practice and are looking for a patient base from scratch? Are you planning on growing your business? Do you wish to promote a new therapy you have recently become certified for? Identifying your marketing goals will help create a crisper marketing message and hence bring in better results.

Finally, it is important that you also keep an eye on what other medical practitioners and competition are doing with regards to marketing in your area. Furthermore, leverage the right timing to promote the right service. For instance, send out a letterbox mailer during flu season encouraging patients to come in for their shots or promote your travel vaccinations during the summer holidays.