Do You Need More Kids In Your Child Care Centre?

So far as the care of children is concerned, day care holds immense significance for parents. From the point of view of a parent, the advertisement provided by a day care provider will create the first impression and set the foundation for further action. Initially, the appearance of an advertisement creates an appeal. Then, the quality is highlighted by the language of the promotional material, encouraging the parent to get in touch and finally comes the location.

A brief guide to promoting your child care centre

Considering all the marketing endeavours that a day care facility undertakes, “word-of-mouth” is beyond comparison. To make the most by getting the desired attention from the target audience, informational flyers are a great option, considering both the production and the distribution aspect. When you make use of a tailor-made flyer, your experience, plus points and uniqueness can be effectively presented.

When the flyer exhaustively talks about the specific services you offer, you can very well portray the roles and responsibilities that your day care business takes up.

Do not forget to incorporate:

  • Suitable activities against age, like building blocks, eye-hand coordination, potty training, music, colouring, drawing and exercise
  • Visuals showing children under adult supervision, in the form of an art, reading or music group
  • Location, charges and timings, accompanied by an image of the interior of your day care centre with kids, a list of charges and a chart of timings
  • Clearly noticeable title header along with visible phone number with big lettering

Day care facilities primarily cater to nearby businesses and residents. If you highlight your location, the parents can conveniently decide if your centre is in the proximity of their home or office.

Before offering you the responsibility to care for their children, people would wish to know how reliable and safe you are. Particular things need to be advertised upfront for promotion of the business, as you provide prospective customers with a precise and sincere estimation of services offered. Along with rendering the basic information regarding your business location, service timings and contact details, incorporate facts which lead to a better comprehension of your business model, along with the reason behind its uniqueness.

Is letterbox distribution fruitful?

Pamphlet or letterbox distribution from household to household is a unique tradition of Australia, which surpasses other media options with respect to affordability and popularity with consumers as well as retailers. Retailers are aware of the power of home delivered advertisement, as is evident from its popularity as a promotional medium. The main thing is that in such advertisement, the target area can be chosen. Since it is extremely affordable, businesses can seamlessly go for it with a minimum budget.

Effective letterbox distribution can help you obtain new kids for your Child Care Facility!

But beware of these two issues that can spoil your flyer distribution!

1. Dumping

2. Bundling

It has been revealed through independent research that bundling and bulk-deliveries can bring down the response rate pertaining to direct mail by as much as 40%.

We have superior arrangement in place to eliminate such issues

  • Absolute freedom from ‘BUNDLING’ or ‘BULK DELIVERY’
  • We undertake individual distribution; neither anything larger than your flyer or leaflet nor any competitive material accompanies your material
  • GPS devices track all walkers
  • For every 7 to 10 walkers, we deploy one supervisor
  • Checking is possible during distribution
  • Complete GPS track report to verify what is delivered in which street or missed!

No other postal services or distribution company can match our KPI’s!