Why Print4Less

It’s Not What We Do – It’s HOW we Do
Our Performance MAXIMIZES Your RESULTS

We are Print 4 Less Advertising Distribution- We Deliver Guaranteed Quality Letterbox Flyer Distribution With proof Of Delivery!

Every Piece of Your Advertising Material Every Flyer- Every Brochure is tracked by GPS and Full detailed report Presented to every Client.

There are two major problems with regards to flyers distribution!!
  • 1. Dumping
  • 2. Bundling

BUT… We have quality systems in place to counter these issues
We have a GPS tracking system in place and we forward GPS reports to our clients as a proof of delivery. We believe in Transparency.

We do not bundle your flyers, which increases visibility.

  • No Bundling

We do not distribute your flyer with any competitive material or anything bigger than the size of your leaflet.

  1. Our walkers are highly supervised.
  2. One Supervisor for every 8- 10 Walkers
  3. You Can Check Whilst Job is in Progress
  4. All Walkers are tracked by GPS devices when at work
  5. You receive Full GPS Track report & can see not only what streets were covered (or missed) but also what houses covered (or Missed)