Choosing the Right Print Finish for your Flyers

When it comes to picking the right print finish for your flyers, you will find that you are completely spoilt for choice. When picking from the various options at hand, make sure that the finish you pick does justice to your message and brand.

Here are a few design terms that you may want to familiarize yourself with to be able to make the right decision –

  • Shapes and Cut-Outs

Think beyond the standard square and rectangular flyers. Getting innovative by using different angles, shapes and even curved corners can help make your flyer stand out. Known as form cutting, a shaped blade is stamp pressed against the paper to create a different shape. You may also opt for die-cutting where the die is used to known out a hole from which an image shows through like a window. Here, you can get creative by using a different colour or foil for the paper behind.

  • Coatings

There are unlimited options in coating for you to choose from for your flyer. Matte, cell-glaze, silk, gloss, uncoated are just a few from the many. Besides uncoated flyers, the most budget-friendly option to consider is gloss. This significantly helps improve the appearance of your flyer, especially if it is rich in images.

  • Laminates

This is a protective film that is applied on top of the print surface. This not only protects your flyer but also creates a more appealing visual impact in comparison to coatings. Laminate can be applied on a single or both sides and can be found in matt as well as gloss finish.

  • Foiling

Foil stamping also contributes to creating an eye-catching visual. Here heat is used to adhere the foil material on the surface of the paper. You can pick from a variety of styles including metallic, holographic, multi-coloured foils and reflective.

In addition to this, you can also consider using Spot UV coating on the paper allowing you to draw attention to specific messages or parts of the design. This works best on monochrome. Furthermore, consider the use of embossing and debossing to get your message conveyed in an aesthetic and appealing manner.